Guide to Good Nutrition


This eating guide is packed with great information based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. The front shows each food group with the recommended servings needed for four different calorie levels. It gets specific with serving sizes and encourages variety. This simple, straightforward chart also includes information on how to make good choices in each food group. On the back are all the other tidbits of knowledge one needs to know about eating a healthful diet . . . what is a whole grain, foods to increase like fish and beans, foods to decrease like full fat diary and high sodium foods, how to avoid the weight gain that often comes with aging, how much exercise is needed and more. The information is specific and helpful and easy to understand. It is all surrounded by our trademark eye-catching food illustrations that make people pay attention. This is a handout that will be used! Perfect for basic diet instruction, class handouts or health fairs. 11″ x 17″ folded in half, printed both sides.  Item # NG24

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